ROAD MOVIES Volume 1 by Alice Starmore

After a decade spent travelling the roads of the USA, going coast-to-coast and back every year, I knew the country well. But nothing is ever static, and nature hates a vacuum, so there was always something new to learn: always a surprise up around the next bend. On the face of it I travelled as an author on the book promotion and lecture circuit, but as the years passed and the mileage mounted, the motion became the message and the meaning became the ride. In the end I had to admit that it was a case of motorvato ergo sum – I was hooked on the highways of America.

ROAD MOVIES Volume 1 tells the tale of how this came about.

It describes two journeys. The first was my initiation: a naive trip by Greyhound bus into the best that America has to offer, plus a taste of the worst. The second was an epic road journey in a car that I christened the White Bird, from Birmingham, Alabama to the north-eastern seaboard; then diagonally down to Mexico by a circuitous route; then north to Oregon and back to Birmingham. This 14,000 mile figure-of-eight was the odyssey that set the seal on my road addiction and made sure that distance was the drug that got me high.

On the Road Again, California

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